Are you producing products and looking for a new way to package them? Than you should definitely take a look at the website of the company Selo. They are specialists in packaging all kind of products for different kind of companies. Big or small, it does not matter to them. They help all kind of companies to package their products in the best possible way. Packaging looks so easy. If you walk through a store as a customer you will not even stop to think about the packaging most of the time. Maybe to complain about it, but you will not consider why the producer packaged his product the way that he did. That is of course also a good thing. If you are not thinking about the package that is concealing the product that you are buying or using it means that the producer did its job well. As a customer you should not need to think about the package, but only about the product inside. That is what you are buying, so that is what should matter the most. As a producer it is very important to think about what kind of packaging your products need. If you are producing more than one kind of product it is even necessary to think this through for every kind of product in your line. Selo can provide you with many kinds of packaging. Blister packaging for example. Blister packaging is most known through the pharmacy industry. It is used most of the time to hold pills inside. It is very easy to use that way, because blister packaging is strong, but it is also easy to get the pill out of. This is of course very important. But not only the pharmacy industry can benefit from blister packaging. Selo also provides packaging for:

  • food manufacturing
  • animal feed
  • non-food industries

They do not only provide blister packaging, but also many more. They specialize in all kinds of packaging. So whatever it is you need, they can help you. As a small business you might want to talk about a standard kind of packaging. But they also provide specialized packaging lines for big companies.

Good quality blister packaging

As a producer you want the packaging of your products to be good and lasting. Sometimes it has to go through many processes and it should be able to withstand many situations. Think about travelling for example or customers picking up the products and putting it down again. In the case of medication you need to consider that the blister packaging should be strong enough and not open too easily. It should not easily accessible for children or pets. It is all these kind of things you should think about as a company when you are looking into packaging for the products you are selling. And it differs from product to product and for different kind of packaging. Take blister packaging for example. Not only the form of the blister packaging matters, but also how people will use it. Most of the time blister packaging comes in strips. But how many pills does the company want in the blister packaging? And what about the strip itself? Should the user be able to take of a piece when there is no more pills inside? It is these kind of things that you will need to consider when you are thinking about blister packaging. Luckily for you Selo can help you when it comes to this. You know your target audience the best and Selo specializes in their knowledge of packaging. If you combine those two you will be able to come up with the perfect kind of packaging for your product.

Make your customers happy with blister packaging

As a pharmaceutical company you will probably never consider putting pills in a plastic bag. But there are of course different kind of packaging you can think about. Blister packaging are a very good solution, but of course not the only one. If you are producing very tiny pills you might want to consider putting them all together in a bottle. For other kind of medicines that might not be the smartest solution. Always take your product and your target audience at heart and put the best options together. For a customer it might be easier to shake the pills out of a bottle, but if that means the pills will have a shorter shelf life it might be smarter to go for blister packaging. In the end the customer will be much happier if the pill has a longer shelf life than that it is easier to handle. Are you not sure what you should do about the packaging? You can always ask Selo for advice. But you can also choose to ask your target audience. It is one of the ways to find out if blister packaging should be the kind you go for or if you have to choose a different kind of packaging. Selo is here for you to make things easier. Whatever kind of packaging you choose, they can help you. You can find more information on their website. Do you have more questions? You can always contact them. They will be happy to answer as many as they can. Together you will work out what kind of packaging is best for your company.