The reason for our label is to discover artists who want to share their creations with open-minded people, people who like to venture off the beaten track.

Whether it’s about electronica, post-rock or pop we try our productions sound and look aesthetic. These productions are pressed in little quantity. All this work couldn’t be possible without our graphists, designers, photographers and vj’s complicity. Sounds and visuals artists hold the same rank among us.

At the begining most of our artists came from wallonia (south-belgium french speaking area) but opening our windows to the world comes naturally in the same time we’re developing our distribution through the globe.

Today we also (co)promote some events in wallonia to lessen the delay in emerging culture in our area. At least in autumn 2005 we founded a distribution services in benelux and france (cod&s distribution) to help record labels who share the same philosophy like us.

Others stuffs will come because we’ve some cool ideas…